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The Rematch - Iowa State vs Kansas

Posted by Steven Myers on February 2, 2015 at 7:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Yeah, I can just go ahead and say it now that Missouri is in the SEC.  Kansas' biggest rival in Big 12 basketball now belongs to Iowa State.  I know that nationally some might still think it is Texas, but here around the Midwest we know that itsn't the case.  Iowa State and Kansas have put on some memorable shows since Fred came to town; in fact they've had it all....high scores, OTs, desparation shots, controversial calls, suspended refs, and even blood gushing on the floor.  Yes, whether you like it or not this is now the #1 rivalry in the Big 12., K-State vs KU...boring, Texas vs Kansas...nope, it is all about the Cyclones vs Jayhawks!

No matter how long you look, you aren't going to find a reason that it won't continue long after this year either.  Neither Hoiberg nor Self look like they are interested in leaving the schools, which mean we are all blessed for years to come watching the recruiting battles, ranking status, and ultimately the head to heads which will determine who wears the conference crown.  Yeah folks, buckle up because this is just part two of what very well could be a three game series between the national contenders.

Both teams know what is at stake tonight: A Big 12 Championship.  Kansas is going for its 11th consecutive, while Iowa State wants to reclaim that honor.  If the Cyclones win tonight, they will have beaten the Jayhawks 3 consecutive time, which they haven't done since they won 5 in a row back in 99-01.  In order to do that, they are going to have to win on the road in Allen Fieldhouse a feat that hasn't been done more than 10 times under Bill Self.  Allen Fieldhouse or not the Cyclones don't like the road and have dug a hole in 2 out 3 Big 12 road games.  If they do that in Lawrence kiss a comeback goodbye (unless you are Oklahoma).

Bottom line: This game is one of the most anticipated mid-conference season games that Iowa State has played.  If they win they are in the drivers seat and will be getting lots of love from the nation.  Lose, and you find yourself playing catch up and hearing the country talk about how you are a Sweet 16 team at best. 

Prediction: If Bill Self hits the video board more than 5 times the Cyclones win.  He hits it 6 tonight!

By Steve Myers

Why I think Iows will lose to Pitt

Posted by Chuck on September 20, 2014 at 7:30 AM Comments comments (0)

 1.  Pitt is too good on offense. Iowa will not be able to hold them down for four quarters.

 2.  Pitt D doesn't scare me. Iowa O does scare me. 

 3.  I did a lot of reading on Iowa throughout the KF years.  I don't blame Greg Davis. I blame KF.  His tendencies are easily mapped. Iowa offense is not a powerhouse.  KF has the governor set to pedantic and that pace will not win football games consistently.

 4.  Iowa's kicking game blows.

 5.  Iowa will be lucky to get 14. I think that is in mop-up time with Beathard turning into the mad bomber.

 6.  Hawks Lose 28-14. 

Why I think Iowa will beat ISU

Posted by Chuck on September 12, 2014 at 3:40 AM Comments comments (2)

1.  Iowa will limit their own field goal opportunities this weekend.

2.  Iowa's punts are so short there will not be any dangerous returns.

3.  Speaking of Jarvis West... he will be enemy #1 and his touches will be minimized.

4.  Has Iowa State scored in the 2nd half this season?

5.  ISU has a leading rusher with 90 yards in 2 games. That person is also their leading passer.  Not a blueprint for success.

6.  In 2009, Iowa came off of an unimpressive win (UNI) ... ISU had an impressive win (NDSU). Iowa lost their stud tackle-- Bulaga and had to put an unproven guy in (Riley Reiff).  Iowa won by 32. Hawks staff knows how to deal in situations like this.

7.  Iowa's LB are still a liability (as well as powder puff lowdermilk) and can be exploited (although David Johnson is much better than the ISU backs) which is why this game will not be a total blowout.

8.  Hawkeye O-Line should be able to dominate the point of attack and allow time for running as well as play action. ISU may be vulnerable to speed on the edge.

9.  It is at Iowa.  Iowa gets up comfortably early-- Richardson is removed either due to ineffectiveness or injury and the wheels come off.

10. Hawks will recover onside kicks.

11.  Iowa 42-24.  I really do not think it will be that close. The last 2 games have been closer by score than the actual game. ISU won in 2012 9-6.  They shouldve won 31-3 or so.   Last year Iowa shouldve won 34-14... Oh well.  KF does know how to keep games close.

My Final Thoughts on Iowa State vs K-State

Posted by Steven Myers on September 9, 2014 at 12:05 PM Comments comments (0)

"We better make a lot of strides between week 1 and 2. Even if we improve more than any team in the country between the first two weeks, I don't know if it will be enough to beat K-State."


That quote was from my Final Thoughts from last week's loss to North Dakota St.  Boy was that a statement or what. Its almost like I was Marty McFly and went into the future.  Two things needed to happen to make that true.  We had to improve greatly (maybe even the most out of any team in the country), and then we had to lose, but just barely.  Well, as we all know, both happened as the Cyclones dropped a heartbreaker to K-State 32-28.


First I want to throw a big shout out to 3 players in particular: Jarvis West, Jake Campos, and Jevohn Miller.  They all had fantastic games, and Jarvis had the game of his career without a doubt.  Jarvis had a touchdown reception, a punt return for a touchdown, and a touchdown pass all in the first half.  Not too many people can say they have done it, and I don't believe it has been done since Kentucky's Randall Cobb in 2010.  First time starter, freshman Jake Campos had to take on one of the best defensive lineman in the Big 12, Ryan Mueller, and held his own.  Then there is Jevohn Miller (he didn't have his best game against North Dakota St) who came out with 11 tackles and played well when he was dropping back in coverage.


Let's look at the first half.  The wildcats came out swinging and built a 13-0 lead, but it could have been worse if Iowa State's defense didn't have some great stops to hold K-State to field goals.  Then things got rolling on offense, and the Cyclones built a 28 point lead mostly due to Jarvis West's unbelievable plays.  Mark Mangino had Kansas State on their heals & Cyclone fans were getting loud.  Sam Richardson looked good, making nice reads and playing within himself.  This can be credited to the offensive line that gave him time to make sound decisions.  I really think if the O-line can stay healthy they can be a decent unit.  Maybe Campos, along with having Tom Farniok back in, is the key.


A couple of officials got suspended for not reviewing the play that led to the Wildcats touchdown right before half.  Iowa State games have got to hold the record for the most refs suspended in basketball and football, and usually because calls go against the Clones.


Enter the second half.  Once again we fail to score in the last 30 minutes.  We have to learn how to play a whole game.  Our defense was still doing a respectable job, but the offense started to sputter.  We have had issues converting 3rd downs, and I really hope that is a point of influence in practice right now (both coaches and players).  The two 3rd downs that stick out are the phantom interception and the run to the left with 3 minutes on the clock.  I'm going to discuss the run over the interception, because we all know that was a Jarvis West completion.  Mangino, when K-State lines everyone in the box, probably a good idea to throw the ball.  I supposed this could be Richardson's fault if Mangino has given him the power to completely change a play on his own in that situation.  Whoever made the call it was a bad one and Bill Snyder was ready for it.  Unfortunately, we didnt make it and gave them the ball back with enough time to put up the winning touchdown.  Iowa Sate then turned the ball over on downs.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda....story of the final 7 minutes in that game.


I left the game feeling dissapointed, but not mad like last week.  As my counter part Chuck said, "Iowa State played good enough to win" and we did.  Good teams can close the game out, but we just aren't there yet.  A lot of football is left, & I believe we are gonna see a pretty significant upset along the way.  I say bring on the Hawks!


By the way, just for giggles, below is the Jarvis West reception that was ruled an interception, and then confirmed an interception in the replay booth.  I'm not sure how the guys with HD televisions and slow motion could miss this, but they did.




Why I think ISU will lose to KSU

Posted by Chuck on September 5, 2014 at 6:50 AM Comments comments (0)

I will keep this simple. ISU is not that good yet, they will hit their stride, but not this week.

KSU is ok. Not a world beater. I do like them to roll.

KSU 38, ISU 13

Why I think Iowa will beat Ball St.

Posted by Chuck on September 5, 2014 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

1. I would have to go back and investigate, but I do not think Ball State has ever scored against Iowa.

2. Iowa is too tough on offense

3. Iowa's linebackers do not have to face David Johnson... EVER again.

4. Ball State is not that special on either side of the ball, and although Iowa may not be either... they are Iowa. Granted, if I remember right, Ball State beat NIU last year... something Iowa did not do

5. Iowa 38 Ball State 13

My Final Thoughts on Iowa State vs North Dakota St

Posted by Steven Myers on September 1, 2014 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I'm not gonna sugar coat things like some writers out there.  I'm not going to say "Well, we lost Bundrage" or "Farniok had to leave the game" or "Iowa State lost their starting safety."  Nope, I'm not going to say any of those things.  Why?  Well a lot of teams out there have injury prone games, but still manage to come out on top.  There isn't any excuses out there for Iowa State.  Here is why they lost the game:  North Dakota State is a better football team, and Iowa State has a lot of work left to do.


Let's start out picking on Sam Richardson.  The first few drives, he looked okay and seemed pretty poised in the pocket, but as soon as some pressure started to hit him from the Bison defense and the game in and of itself, he started leaving the pocket too early, not going through all his progressions, and made poor decisions.  Sam, we have very talented wide receivers.  Please give them time to do their thing.  Will the line break down every once in a while? Probably, but don't run outside when the pocket is still there.  There were more than one occasion where Bibbs, Lazard, or Daley were open down field, but you had already made up your mind to run.


Don't think you are off the hook offensive and defensive lines.  Both of you need to toughen up.  You were playing against a good team, but the guys you will be playing against only get bigger and better from here.  The offensive line let them get to much pressure on Sam, didn't open up a lot of holes after the second quarter, and the defensive line didn't get a lot of pressure on the Bison QB.  There were some massive holes given to the Bison running backs.  This can not happen.  We should not see 50 plus yard runs like that.


LBs and DBs.  You are young and in-experienced.  Well, you got some experience now, so what are you going to do with it?  I also saw a bright spot here as well though, and that was Jared Brackens.  He was all over the place when he was in there recording 7 total tackles in limited playing time.  I know he isn't the biggest LB out there, but I say start the kid.


RBs.  I get it, you are quick, but run a bit more north and south.  I know the holes are small (see above), but hey, use them on occasion.  Another thing while I am at it.  Remember your protection assignments and make sure you get a block on your man.


One more bright spot, yep, Colin Downing.  Almost a 46yd punt avg in your first collegiate game.  You made me not miss Kirby so much.  The game is faster, but don't rush yourself.  You will be fine back there.  We are going to need you this season.


There it is, the Cyclones got bruised up 34-14, and I didn't want to sugar coat like I stated above.  We better make a lot of strides between week 1 and 2.  Even if we improve more than any team in the country between the first two weeks, I don't know if it will be enough to beat K-State.

Why I think Iowa will beat UNI

Posted by Chuck on August 29, 2014 at 3:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Ohhh 2009. A game so similar to one in 2002 that haunts a lot of Hawk fans.  In 2009, Iowa had to do something that had never been done before; block two consecutive UNI field goal attempts to escape with a victory.  In 2002, they fell asleep in the second half and a spirited ISU rally overtook the Hawks and dealt them their only regular season loss.  Some would say it cost Iowa a chance at a National title game appearance.

My argument that is in 2002, Iowa needed to lose that ISU game in order to win others later in the year.  I am certain they lose the Penn State and Purdue games if they had not tasted that sting against ISU.

In 2009, If Iowa had lost to UNI, they probably struggle to win 6 that year-- even with all of the talent.  A season is all about confidence. Overcoming in week one helped them when the chips were down helped them against Penn State, Michigan State and Indiana.  Iowa needed a miracle in 2009 to get to that BCS and they got it.

It is 2014. Will this game help determine the fate of the Hawks' season like in-state games in 2002 and 2009 did? No. I think it is just a game. A game against a very talented panther team.  I believe Iowa is superior. They have an offense that should click. The defense will be solid. Not spectacular, but solid.  Kirk Ferentz has an innate ability of making games close.  I also think UNI has talent. They are good. I think it will be 14-10 at Half.  Iowa wears UNI down in the second half and with a late score wins 31-17.  Too close for my taste, but a win.  Iowa has a schedule this year against many teams with talent, but all are winnable. Winning ugly may be a way of life in 2014... As long as it is winning, I will take it.


Why I think ISU will lose to NDSU

Posted by Chuck on August 29, 2014 at 3:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Timing is everything.  Most people will say that this is the time to jump up and get NDSU, it is early and they struggled last year against K State.  The NDSU of 2013, was quite dominant and capped the season with a 3rd consecutive FCS title.  I say this is the worst time to to play a plodding NDSU.

ISU brought in Mark Mangino. That is a great move. They have Sam Richardson at QB. He is experienced.  I am not sold on him running the offense. I also am not sold on ISU picking up the Mangino offense in year one. They will probably start hitting a stride around week 7 or 8, but I cannot see them hitting the ground running. I see Sam struggling to hit open receivers with NDSU putting 9 in the box.

Now, if this game was in November, I truly feel ISU would win in a fashion similar to 2009. They just had too much talent in that one.  It's August, so I cannot see it happening.  If this was a video game, ISU would win now... they have more talent overall, but I do not think it will be maximized at this stage of the season. Too many moving pieces for ISU. The O Line and D Line I am not sold on, the offense will sputter at first and the Bison will control the tempo and the game. 

NDSU 34  ISU 16

Hiawatha Rutland

Posted by Chuck on August 29, 2014 at 2:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Just some thoughts on our departed friend.

It has been a few days since we got the kick in the gut that Hiawatha Rutland had drown while swimming to shore in Lake Erie.  He was 33. I have had a few days to collect my thoughts, look at all of the posts flooding in to his facebook page and remember the good times.

As a fan of football, I knew Hiawatha as the enemy... a guy on ISU bent on beating the Hawks.  In life, I knew him as a comedian, schoolteacher and as a friend. He had a huge smile and an even bigger heart.  That is how I will always remember Hiawatha. A guy who always had time to meet my friends who had come to a performance. A person who cared about others. Rest in peace.

It is so sad that the leading rushers from 2000-2006 at ISU have all passed. I have never heard of anything as tragic as this.  The 1997 Cubs have lost 3 of their starting pitchers, but these losses at ISU trump that. I read that he is the 8th Clone in 11 years to die.  In a society today where cliche' is abound (going to war, dying to get on the field, etc. etc.) this is real and sad. It puts in place what is just a game and what is life.  Remember to hug your loved ones an extra time tonight.



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