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10 things learned from the Outback Bowl

Posted by Chuck on January 3, 2014 at 8:45 AM

I needed some time for reflection.

Iowa lost 21-14 to LSU. Parts of the game were that close and parts weren't. It's like A tale of Two Cities. It was the best of times and worst of times... and sometimes that was on the same damned play.  Here are 10 things I learned.

10.  I hate moral victories, but to lose by 7 to a team that beat Auburn (who is playing for the National Championship) by 14 does mean something. It means Iowa hung in there. It also meant Iowa LOST.  But I will take it.

09. Two trick plays (same drive, no less) are two too many.  I like that he tried, and maybe if he had punted, LSU just drives 90 yards, but I would've liked to see a punt.  He is a like a poker player who only gets in when he has a high pair or AK suited.  Iowa didn't a lot of chips left so they had to go all in with not the best hand.  They tried and failed.  I like that they were thinking, but I wish they would've stopped at one trick play.

08. I know now just how much I am going to miss Morris, Kirksey and Hitchens.  Wow, what a trio.  Possibly the best threesome of Iowa LB. 

07. Desmond King is going to be a beast.  Nice to have him coming back possibly 3 more times.  He looked good on his drops. Not bad for a 2 Star.  With Iowa losing their linebackers, a lot will be on the line and secondary. he will a big asset.

06. A little sideline passion out of Kirk Ferentz gets you a makeup call.  Iowa got jobbed on a call where they allegedly didn't allow the Tigers to sub.  Well, KF blew up and to go backk to the poker reference again, the referees see the same poker face all game long, all year long, year after year... so when he blows up, it isn't an act.  Got them a call 2 plays later on LSU.  Kirk is a passionate fellow. i've seen him on the sidelines. 

05.  Zach Mettenberger eats his boogers.  Poor guy.  I hope that doesnt affect his draft status.

04. Kurt Lowdermilk is no Ronnie Harmon, but that they are even in the same sentence, it means he must have done something pretty damn STUPID.  Plus, then to pout and sulk like someone took his lollipop... get back in there and make a play. 

03.  Iowa got out toughed. Don't say that usually too much, but they did. LSU was more prepared and obviously did good film study,

02.  Spring practice should be fun.  There could be a QB battle brewing.  I'm a Rudock supporter.  That being said, CJB didn't hurt his chances.  I like CJB's skill set. He has a strong arm, and is a bit more mobile.  I am not sold on him running a team yet, but that does come with experience.

01.  Iowa fans will take a bowl next year, but anything short of 9 wins will be a disappoinmtment.  Iowa has underwhelmed in the past when the schedule has looked favorable, but  it is much more forgiving and although potential remains for a few hiccups, 10-0 going into the last 2 games (wisconsin and Nebraska) is a legitimate possibility.  Hawk fans have seen this arc before. '01 they get back to a bowl after an absence, '02 they go to BCS.  '07, no bowl... '08 they take it to Spurrier, '09 they win a BCS game. '12 they miss the play-offs, '13 they make huge strides, and 2014---???????????

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