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My Final Thoughts on Iowa State vs K-State

Posted by Steven Myers on September 9, 2014 at 12:05 PM

"We better make a lot of strides between week 1 and 2. Even if we improve more than any team in the country between the first two weeks, I don't know if it will be enough to beat K-State."


That quote was from my Final Thoughts from last week's loss to North Dakota St.  Boy was that a statement or what. Its almost like I was Marty McFly and went into the future.  Two things needed to happen to make that true.  We had to improve greatly (maybe even the most out of any team in the country), and then we had to lose, but just barely.  Well, as we all know, both happened as the Cyclones dropped a heartbreaker to K-State 32-28.


First I want to throw a big shout out to 3 players in particular: Jarvis West, Jake Campos, and Jevohn Miller.  They all had fantastic games, and Jarvis had the game of his career without a doubt.  Jarvis had a touchdown reception, a punt return for a touchdown, and a touchdown pass all in the first half.  Not too many people can say they have done it, and I don't believe it has been done since Kentucky's Randall Cobb in 2010.  First time starter, freshman Jake Campos had to take on one of the best defensive lineman in the Big 12, Ryan Mueller, and held his own.  Then there is Jevohn Miller (he didn't have his best game against North Dakota St) who came out with 11 tackles and played well when he was dropping back in coverage.


Let's look at the first half.  The wildcats came out swinging and built a 13-0 lead, but it could have been worse if Iowa State's defense didn't have some great stops to hold K-State to field goals.  Then things got rolling on offense, and the Cyclones built a 28 point lead mostly due to Jarvis West's unbelievable plays.  Mark Mangino had Kansas State on their heals & Cyclone fans were getting loud.  Sam Richardson looked good, making nice reads and playing within himself.  This can be credited to the offensive line that gave him time to make sound decisions.  I really think if the O-line can stay healthy they can be a decent unit.  Maybe Campos, along with having Tom Farniok back in, is the key.


A couple of officials got suspended for not reviewing the play that led to the Wildcats touchdown right before half.  Iowa State games have got to hold the record for the most refs suspended in basketball and football, and usually because calls go against the Clones.


Enter the second half.  Once again we fail to score in the last 30 minutes.  We have to learn how to play a whole game.  Our defense was still doing a respectable job, but the offense started to sputter.  We have had issues converting 3rd downs, and I really hope that is a point of influence in practice right now (both coaches and players).  The two 3rd downs that stick out are the phantom interception and the run to the left with 3 minutes on the clock.  I'm going to discuss the run over the interception, because we all know that was a Jarvis West completion.  Mangino, when K-State lines everyone in the box, probably a good idea to throw the ball.  I supposed this could be Richardson's fault if Mangino has given him the power to completely change a play on his own in that situation.  Whoever made the call it was a bad one and Bill Snyder was ready for it.  Unfortunately, we didnt make it and gave them the ball back with enough time to put up the winning touchdown.  Iowa Sate then turned the ball over on downs.  Coulda, shoulda, woulda....story of the final 7 minutes in that game.


I left the game feeling dissapointed, but not mad like last week.  As my counter part Chuck said, "Iowa State played good enough to win" and we did.  Good teams can close the game out, but we just aren't there yet.  A lot of football is left, & I believe we are gonna see a pretty significant upset along the way.  I say bring on the Hawks!


By the way, just for giggles, below is the Jarvis West reception that was ruled an interception, and then confirmed an interception in the replay booth.  I'm not sure how the guys with HD televisions and slow motion could miss this, but they did.




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