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Yesterday, Melvin Ejim was asked during a interview what meant more to him, being voted Big 12 Player of the Year by the coaches or media.  He responed with coaches, which was expected.  This question really got me thinking not only about this award, but also the coaches and media polls that are featured throughout the season.  So much of the media poll is based on perception and coaches is more based on reality (if a SI Director isn't doing voting for the coach).  By Ejim winning this award not only by the coaches vote, but by the media's vote as well is a BIG step of moving the reality of the Iowa State program forward for the years to come.  Maybe Iowa State will recieve some perception when the polls come out in November?....

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Steven Myers
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Personally a coach voting for me would mean more than some beat writer that may or may not know a thing about basketball.

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